Hard Drive Destruction and Shredding Service

hard drive destructionWhen a hard drive reaches the end of its life cycle it is important to make sure that the confidential data on it remains protected. A single hard drive can hold thousands upon thousands of documents and a significant amount of sensitive information. Ensure that the information on your hard drives doesn’t fall into the wrong hands with our hard drive destruction and shredding service.

Erasing is Not Enough

Even after being formatted, hard drives continue to have a record of the information that was stored on them – information that can be retrieved by anyone with basic computer skills. Simply erasing a hard drive creates a false sense of security. The information may appear to be gone, but it is still there and accessible to those who choose to go and look for it. Don’t let your company or your customers become victims of electronic data theft, let ATI SecureDocs destroy your hard drives with our secure hard drive destruction services and make sure that your private information stays private.

Secure Destruction

The only way to truly safeguard your information is to make sure that the hard drives that once held it are physically destroyed. Our hard drive destruction service is a secure process from start to finish. With our secure hard drive pick up or drop off, locked and electronically tracked disposal bins, and secure facility, we offer the highest levels of security for your data throughout the destruction process. Your information is tracked every step of the way and we ensure that your hard drives – and the valuable data that was on them— is securely and permanently destroyed. We will give you a certificate of destruction at the end of the process, and can even arrange for you to witness the destruction of your hard drives at your request.