Electronic Recycling and Destruction

At ATI SecureDocs, we work closely with our clients to safely recycle old computers and electronic equipment, or destroy them when necessary. Our electronic recycling and electronic media destruction programs provide safety on a number of levels – keeping hazardous materials out of the environment, and keeping your sensitive information out of the wrong hands.

Electronic Recycling and DestructionPurge Without Risk

Our computer recycling methods are a safe and effective solution to the problem of data vulnerability, for homes and businesses needing to purge old equipment with the least amount of risk possible. We offer a variety of Electronics Recycling services, customizing our work to your particular needs — and for every service we perform, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction to verify that the job is done.

Compliant, Responsible, Safe

The ATI SecureDocs computer recycling program is based on a policy of environmental responsibility and compliance with federal and state regulations. We offer complete material management solutions and remain dedicated to providing safe recycling to every client, regardless of size.

The information stored on every computer and data device we touch is considered strictly confidential, and when we recycle your electronics we take a number of measures throughout the process to ensure no information is compromised.

Documented Destruction

We provide a Certificate of Destruction to ensure your compliance with state, local and national laws; this documentation provides you with proof that you’ve recycled your equipment properly and within guidelines, minimizing later liability.