Secure Document Shredding Services

ATI SecureDocs uses a number of different document shredding and data destruction techniques to render your purged data and documentation completely irrecoverable, providing the maximum level of security for your information. Our process is safe, efficient and cost effective, and it will help you meet compliance within the secure data destruction regulations that govern privacy.

Not Relevant to You, But Still Relevant to the Bad Guys

Document Shredding ServicesEvery day businesses and homes generate millions of important documents; much of it finds its way into trash cans and recycling bins once it’s no longer needed. In the wrong hands, the information contained in these documents could have serious consequences for your business, and/or negative effects on the lives of your clients, customers, employees and even patients. Identity thieves and corporate spies know where to look for your discarded data, and if it isn’t disposed of properly, they will find it.

Trash the Trash Can

Dumpster Diving is an easy source of information for corporate spies or identity thieves. If your company is successful, your information can be valuable to others – even if it’s no longer useful to you. Your office produces key information on a daily basis, and if it ends up in the garbage it becomes fair game to anyone who doesn’t mind getting his or her hands dirty.

Alphabet Soup

Whether you realize it or not, there is an alphabet soup of federal regulations governing the destruction and disposal of corporate financial and personal health insurance, credit and financial information. ATI can help you navigate through the maze of rules, guidelines and laws, so you can rid yourself of unwanted information but always stay in compliance.