Confidential Data Destruction Service

Secure Data Destruction Services are widely utilized in many industries, such as medicine, finance and law, improperly discarded information can result in legal action and/or fines. Virtually any data discarded without the proper security can leave you vulnerable to competitors, investigative reporters, dumpster divers and identity thieves. Each year, U.S. homes and businesses lose tens of billions of dollars due to information theft.

We Can Protect You

Data Destruction ServicesOur destruction services will help you reduce your vulnerability to thieves and spies, and we ensure the work takes place within compliance of state and federal information privacy laws and regulations. We stay up to speed on the ever-changing rules of today’s digital world – our knowledge and understanding of the strict requirements governing confidential information in this electronic age will help you avoid compliance headaches and stay safe.

The services we provide include:

Cost-Effective, Flexible Options

Our exceptional customer service and reduced costs will provide peace of mind to any business or individual looking for Data Destruction and/or equipment recycling that’s safe and efficient. We can help you execute your own plan, or you can meet with one of our professional consultants to develop the strategy most likely to help you accomplish your goals.

Whether you need regularly scheduled pickups, quarterly purges of data or turnkey document destruction services, we’ll help you sort, gather and destroy confidential records, or address upcoming destruction needs for a project that’s nearing its end.

Our services are complete and comprehensive, and can include:

  • Plant-Based Services: We will securely transport your data and other materials to our state-of-the-art facility for complete and effective destruction. We remain accountable throughout the process, and document every step for your records. Every client receives a Certificate of Destruction, once the work is done.
  • Witness of Destruction: You are always welcome to witness the destruction of your data, and we are happy to answer any questions you might have about our destruction procedures, processes and activities. Schedule a time with your sales representative, and come on down.
  • Destruction Purges: If you’re relocating or simply need to clean out a storage room or off-site storage area, ATI SecureDocs can help you destroy the materials you have purged, freeing up valuable space.
  • Pick Up/Drop Off Services: Convenient scheduled pick up services or same day call service is available. You can bring your documents to our facility for fast effective destruction.
  • Destruction Consulting: Our consultants can help you plan a program to gather and destroy your records. We have the experience and background in areas of record management and secure shredding, and stand ready to assist you in risk management, legal compliance, liability exposure, security procedures and site planning.
  • Product Destruction: ATI SecureDocs can destroy and recycle end of life inventory that contains proprietary information or out of date marketing materials to prevent trademarked logos or designs from reaching third world markets.